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Sawmill Services

Hourly Milling Fee - $95.00 per hour

Short logs (less than 6') and small diameter logs (less than 10" at the small end), require extra time to load, turn and clamp - yielding relatively few board feet for the time involved.  Those logs may be charged by the hour rather than by the board foot.  Hourly rates may also be applied to specialty milling projects like mantles, beams, cookies, and re-sawing. 

When boards come off the sawmill, they are considered to be "rough sawn" lumber.  Historically, lumber was referred to by its thickness when milled, in increments of one-quarter inch.  It is expected that the material will shrink as it dries and that it will be planed to a consistent thickness before use.  That may mean the final dimension is 1/4 to 3/8" less than when milled.


Board Foot Milling Prices


1/4 $1.50 / bf    2/4 $1.40 / bf

3/4 $1.30 / bf    4/4 $1.20 / bf
5/4 $.85 / bf    6/4 $.85 / bf

7/4 $.85 / bf    8/4 $.85 / bf

9/4 $.85 / bf    10/4 $.85 / bf


"Four quarter" lumber (4/4) refers to freshly milled lumber that is 1.000 to 1.249" thick, (at 1.250" thick it would be considered 5/4 lumber.) Generally, when milling 4/4 lumber, the mill's will be set for 1 1/8" thickness.  Please let me know what thickness you prefer, or what dimension you would like to achieve.  To figure board footage, lengths are rounded down to the nearest 1/2 foot, widths to even numbers.  For live-edged boards, widths are averaged rather than measuring each board individually.

Blade Fee - $32.00

Each job starts with a newly sharpened blade and this cost is part of our milling fee. If for some reason we need to change the blade out during the milling project this fee can be charged additionally as needed to finish out the job. 


Striking an Object in the Log - $25.00 per instance

The bandsaw blade is designed for cutting wood only.  Cutting into hard objects such as metal (nails, fencing, etc.), rocks, or other objects will damage the blade. 


Additional Services

​Although I do not perform tree services, I may be willing to remove logs.  Please call if you have logs to salvage.  


If you have a special project in mind but don't have a log to saw, let me know.  I do have a few sources for logs and might be able to find what you need.

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